If a web designer feels the task of creating a website that can take all necessary elements into account to make it a functional one is quite tough and challenging, he is justified in feeling so. This is because there are indeed many different elements that constitute a good website. In fact, customers not only need a good website, but they look for a great website. The web design Sydney agency that you may engage to build your website will definitely deploy their best designer to do your website, and all these elements can be seen in the site created.


What Are These Elements of a Good Web Design?


When viewed from the perspective that any design work should be considered a piece of art and creativity, and you cannot place any norms or boundaries to it, a website must not be measured against any yardstick. But then, a website has a function also to perform. Therefore, they have to be evaluated on a few parameters.


  • Functionality: A website has to function to its potential and objective. If it meant to just provide information to the visitors, then this must be done in an easy and systematic way. A person who has entered the website should find it easy to navigate through the different pages. If there is a provision to post a query or a request for more information, those dialogue boxes must function effectively and be interactive.
  • Professional Design: The use of the term “professional” here is meant to cover the aspect of fully understanding the requirements of the customer and the norms that govern the contents on a website. ‘Requirements’ of the customer is a broad term and includes the web design Sydney agency doing some research on the business and the profile and expectations of the prospective customers.
  • Engaging: This element refers more towards making the website attractive for the online visitors. Not only would the designer have to make sure the user interface is pleasant enough to make the visitor stay on inside the site’s important pages but also make him/her transact some business. In addition, ‘engaging’ can also include many other aspects of designing of the websites brought into play so that the prioritisation of the contents, giving the information relevant to the visitors and also providing the correct links from the website.
  • Simplicity: There are many other elements besides the 3 listed above, but simplicity is being chosen here to be highlighted. The reason for this is that this is indeed the golden rule in most things online. The very nature of the medium is such that there is very little human interaction and if any complicated website is presented, the visitor could simply move away from your website and may even not return ever again. To avoid this, keeping it all simple is an essential element for a website to succeed.


Websites are critical to every business and when handing over the assignment to a web design Sydney agency to create the website, it is essential for you as the website owner to know the important element of a business website. They do matter in the end.