You can never say that something that you are dealing with does not have any myth associated with it. This is true for web designing too. You will find that there are certain myths related to web design Sydney that are believed by most people as they are true. However, they are not.


Most of the myths mentioned here are believed by beginners or novice who have just started their career in web design Sydney. Busting those myths will be useful for them as well as for you, if you start believing any of them!


Myth 1. For website designing appearance matters the most


Yes, appearance is a crucial matter when it comes to website designing, but it is not the only thing that matters. A beautiful site will not be appealing to people until, and unless it has enough content in it.


Most of the small businesses make sure that their website looks good, what they miss out is the content on the website. A website with good visuals and images will be attractive for some time; it’s the combination of both the look and content that makes a website successful.


Myth 2. Responsive site is not needed


Do not believe this statement? Yes, it is the truth; still there are web masters who believe that there is no need to develop a responsive website! They believe that very less percentage of people use mobile.


The truth is nowadays most of the websites are visited through smartphones! Thus, if you do not have a responsive web design, then you can expect to lose about 40 to 50 per cent of your traffic. Apart from that, Google also considers responsiveness as an important factor while it indexes the website for ranking. Thus, you will miss a lot of traffic if your website is not mobile friendly!


Myth 3. Site is sales oriented only


There is no doubt that websites are an important tool for increasing sales, but it should not look like that! Every visitor who lands on your website does not want to buy things; there are other reasons too, and you must give them an opportunity to do that!


When you have a sales oriented website that has buttons for clicking on them and graphics showing sales, it seems that you are begging the visitors to click them! The reality is different. Such website will not encourage your visitors to return, but a content rich website will surely do.


Myth 4.What’s the use of a social media button!



It is considered by many website developers that what’s the use of adding so many social media buttons? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, the list is never ending and time consuming too. Thus, what is the use of putting effort here?


However, if this is followed, then your site will not be able to gain the benefits from social media. Overall, social media plays a key role in increasing the traffic to your website. Thus, it should not be avoided.


To close down


Finally, while you take help from a web design Sydney firm, you must remember that there will be myths about web designing, but follow the latest trends in order to ensure that you are on the right track that will make your website popular.