Search Engine Optimation(SEO)

As a medium, serving 24/7 and providing information to the public, the Internet has an incomparable advantage than most other mediums.  As a corporate, the aim of building the website is to display the brand image to the world and be known by more people in order to improve the public visibility.

However, because of the boom in the use of information technology, billions of websites come up every day. Then you may be wondering how to make the website stand out from the rest and make the website known to a larger group of people?


This is where Innovoweb provides personalized SEO services to make your website stand out. Here is what we do:


Step 1: Keywords analysis

Keyword analysis involves market research on the demand and competitors in a certain industry. SEO keyword analysis helps to know about the number of searches a keyword gets and the competitor’s web pages that are returned based on certain keywords. Then, according to your budget and requirements, you can choose the keywords you would like to rank for. Generally speaking, the relevance to your business, traffic on the keywords and commercial value should all be taken into account when choosing the key words.


Step 2: Optimize the code and structure of the website


The developers of Innovoweb will make the code more suitable for so that it gets crawled by the search engine spiders more frequently. The developers will adjust the internal structure and delete the waste code and the module that is not used by the website, to make internal code clearer and friendly to the search engines.


Step3: Internal and external optimisation


High quality external link management work such as the distribution channels will be undertaken by our experts. As long as the distribution channel is excellent, the website will have greater chance to present to the clients.

High quality website content and internal links not only will help your website gain great advantage in search engine rankings, but also make your website easily accepted and remembered by the clients. Hence, the sales volume of your business will be enhanced greatly.



Step4: Traffic analysis


Innovoweb will monitor and record the variation of website traffic every minute. The SEO experts will analyse these data records and find out the causes for the variation(click ratio, conversion ratio, correlation, weights, etc.). The experts will adjust optimisation methods to improve the rank of your website and bring it to the first page.