Management System

Management System

We offer light management solutions suitable for small and middle-sized business. It will assists to save cost and time, and minimize mistakes. All the system is based on the network and authorization, it enable you and your team manage companies conveniently.

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Billing & invoicing system

  1. Manage customer information.
  2. Manage quotation history.
  3. User authorization assign.
  4. Employee management.
  5. Automatic invoice creation.
  6. Payment management.
  7. Data Statistic and Analysis
  8. Overdue bill reminder.
  9. Email invoice automatically
  10. Multi-form invoice creation.


Stock & Management System

  • User authorization management.
  • Bar code scanner.
  • Bar code generate
  • Low stock reminder.
  • Automatic invoice generate
  • Automatic Email invoice to customers
  • Customer Management
  • Purchase management
  • Manage supplier
  • Email campaign
  • Data statistic and analysis


Project management system

  1. Employee management
  2. Task management and assignment.
  3. Email notification to the employee about the assigned task.
  4. Task time spent tracking.
  5. Customer information management
  6. Data statistic and analysis


Restaurant menu and order system

Booking system


Courier company system