Web Design

Web Design

If you need a website to display or sell your services and products, we will provide a customized solution based on your business and preferences.

With the development of information technology, website has become a most common way to attract customers, promote services and products and even build a brand image.

But what steps should you take to develop an excellent website?


Step 1: Decide the orientation of the website


Before web development, you should decide as to what is the main purpose of your website? Is it built only to display the company details or to promote the products or services sold? Is it designed for a brand image or for selling channels? Then you can decide whether you need an ordinary website or an e-commerce website.


Step2: Function and requirement analysis


Before web development, you should think as to what information and pages will be displayed on your website. These include the main body of the website. For example, pages such as About Us, News, Products and Contact Us, are most commonly included in the structure of a corporate website.

If you have any other specific requirements, please let us know, as we will quote and design according to your requirements.

If you don’t have a clear idea about the website design, you can tell us your budget, and we will give you a professional advice.

The preparation in the early stage is critical for the website. It decides whether you realize your aim and how difficult would it be to maintain it afterwards.


Step 3: Webpage design


Our designers will communicate with you about your requirements. Webpage style should match brand image and be in accord with Corporate Identity (CI); we take care of all such aspects.

Besides color, pictures and layout, the geography, age, internet speed and reading habits of the target group are also taken into account.


Step 4: Development and testing


The developers will develop the website with high quality code based on the design and requirement documents. They will ensure that the website runs fast and is search engine friendly

At this stage, the website development is almost complete. The developer will set the code to our test web hosting website. Our after sales staff will teach the client to manage the website. Then the client can try managing the web content. If you see of find any technical bugs, you can report and we will fix it as soon as possible.


Step 5: Register domain and web hosting configuration.


After development and testing, our representative will help the client to register a domain and web hosting package. The client can then manage the contents of the website on their own. If the client still has questions, our representive will assist you until all your queries are resolved.

Innovoweb provides 1 year free maintenance for each website.

Well, by now the website development is complete. Further, if you want to promote or enhance the presence of your website, please contact sales staff for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Services as well.